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Black Cats Rule

If A Black Cat Crosses Your Path...You are the Lucky One!
Some people tend to be funny about black cats.  They sometimes don’t adopt them because inky, slinky black cats are “too common” compared to other colors and breeds.  Other folks sometimes have onerous superstitions (oh, no!) about these little dark darlings. They are associated with witches! They are...somehow evil? (Isn’t that what it said on the package of Halloween candy I bought? I’m pretty sure I saw one riding on the back of a broom stick!!!) Well, that’s just not true. Not any of it!
Here’s the real deal about black cats:  they are awesome! 
First reason to love a black cat: Freyja, the Norse Goddess of Love, chose two of these beauties to draw her chariot.
Second reason: The British, in many proverbs, believe that black cats bring luck and health. They “bring me luck wherever I roam,” and they keep the house where they live safe “from fever’s deadly sway.”
Third reason: The Scottish believe that a black cat’s arrival to the home brings prosperity. Finding a black kitten on the porch indicates future happiness.
Fourth reason: In the performing arts, black cats are considered good luck in the theater. Lore says that some actors bring them to the show for this very reason, as a harbinger of great performances.
Fifth reason: Latvian farmers believe a black cat in the silo means that Rungis, the god of harvests, is smiling upon you.
And, just from our own experience at Whiskers, if you wear black, their hair doesn’t show up on you! That’s a pretty good reason, all in itself! I personally appreciate it when it comes to the black cats and kittens I have loved, and who have owned me, throughout my life.  We have gorgeous noir kitties, all the time, at our shelter and in our foster program.  Sometimes they get overlooked, and that’s just wrong!
Whatever the myths and legends say, the fact of the matter is that black cats are gorgeous. They are sweet and loving. They are just as needful of caring families as cats of every other color or breed.
So, come and meet some of our noir cats and kittens! You’ll be glad you did! And no matter when you read this blog post, I’m pretty sure we’ll still have lots of black kitties for you to meet through our shelter and foster programs!
So what you really need to know is this: If a black cat crosses your path, it’s just trying to get somewhere. The best place it could ever arrive is with you!
If you love, or have ever loved a black cat, tell us about it in our comments section!  Let’s banish the myth about these lovely creatures being too “ordinary” or too “scary” or too “unlucky” by telling the truth about them: Black Cats Rule!


I have a black cat and I love

I have a black cat and I love him to death. I would get another one if something happened to him

We have 2 black cats. One is

We have 2 black cats. One is 17 and the other is almost 3. Like the other person who posted above our 3 year old named Otto also likes to fetch! Now I wonder if black kitties are known to fetch? Both of our kitties are beautiful black beauties and we will always have black cats in our home.

My black cat, Diablo Bob, was

My black cat, Diablo Bob, was a sweet, silly, lap cat. When I picked him out of the litter, he crawled up my shoulder, down my back, and jumped off my butt. When I took him to the vet on that fateful day... he did the same thing...

But he had taught the new black kitten, that I found on the side of the road, his tricks. Miss 11 never forgot what she learned, or the 10.5 mile walk I made with her. She is so sweet to me, and always greets me when I come home.

I personally think that black cats are the silliest cats out there.

We adopted a black kitten,

We adopted a black kitten, half Siamese, perhaps half Persian, (though I doubt it) 3 years ago, and she has been a delight! Smart as a whip, with a lively sense of humor and absolutely beautiful.
Fay Wood

Had 2 beautiful black cat

Had 2 beautiful black cat brothers for 14 and 15 years. Smartest and sweetest cats. After thely passed, we adopted another wonderful black cat whom we lost to lymphoma this week. We spent 10 wonderful years with him. He fetched like a dog( his favorite toy was a small Kong) looked at you as if he knew you down to your soul. He was the best friend and sleeping companion to our Jack Russell . I cannot imagine living with any other cat than the amazing black.

My beautiful black lap cat

My beautiful black lap cat was my best pal for 13 years. He was the absulute best companion, loyal, easy going and gentle.

I had a black cat for 13

I had a black cat for 13 years and ahe was funny, sweet, loving and loyal!

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