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Sponsorship Payment Options

Want to become a sponsor to one of our amazing special cats?

It's easy, quick and completely satisfying to know that your small donation will go towards helping these cats have a better life.

It just takes a minimum donation of $25 dollars to become a sponsor of the cat of your choice and we'll send you a sponsor package with information about your cat. Each cat bio page has a paypal link that you can click and fill in the necessary information, and we'll mail you your package. It's that easy!

If you prefer not to donate via computer, we also accept payment by check. Mail your check with the minimum donation and completed form to PO Box 11190 Albany, NY 12211, and once your check has been received, we will ship you your sponsor package!  

Click here to download the form.

Upgrade your sponsorship. All the cats and volunteers greatly appreciate all donations made to Whiskers to help the cats we've cared for over the years, especially these special need cats that get overlooked. Consider donating more towards your sponsor cat and upgrading your sponsorship!

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