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Buddy Boy


Buddy Boy came to Whiskers in 2015 when his loving owner, and long-time Whiskers supporter, passed away.  He was ten years old at that time.  He's a big love bug of a guy who loves to be picked up and held, if you're strong enough to do it.  He weighs in at over 20 pounds and could stand to lose a little weight.  Despite his size, he's quite agile and loves to chase the laser pointer. He's a volunteer favorite who was patiently waiting for his forever home, but he became suddenly ill in April 2017.  He's being cared for by a team of veterinarians and is getting the best care, but his bills so far are around $2000 and are likely to go up.  Whiskers will do everything possible to save his life and ensure that he gets another chance to be the healthy, goofy, loving boy he was just a couple of weeks ago.  Please consider sponsoring Buddy Boy to help cover the cost of his care. UPDATE MAY 2017: The doctors say Buddy Boy likely had an attack of Pancreatitis.  He's back at the shelter and feeling much better.  His medical bills are still being paid off so he is still availalbe to sponsor.  UPDATE OCTOBER 2017: Poor Buddy Boy can't catch a break!  The big lug is now diabetic and is being cared for in a foster home by a very special Whiskers volunteer who takes in our insulin-dependent diabetic cats.  Whiskers will continue to cover the cost of his care for the rest of his life.  He is loving life in his foster home with his special person and two other diabetic kitties, as well as the resident cats. As you can imagine, supplies to treat diabetes are very expensive so please consider donating towards the continued care of Buddy Boy and his friends.  Thank you for your support!

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