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Watson & Moriarty


Watson and Moriarty are a sweet, bonded pair of brothers who reside in our shelter.  They are very shy and and unsure that they can trust people, but they love each other and the other cats.  If you take out a laser pointer they will run around at top speed like a pair of kittens.  The volunteers at Whiskers will continue to work with these boys to help gain their trust and teach them that people won't hurt them.  Hopefully, the right person will come along one day who will be patient with these gentle boys and give them a loving home, but until that time Whiskers will care for them and help them to learn that people can be loving and kind just like they are. Please consider sponsoring them so we may continue to fund the care of these shy boys. UPDATE! These sweet brothers were adopted by a special couple who enjoys taking in very shy cats and working with them to gain their trust.  They were adopted in July 2017 and are enjoying life in their new home. 

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