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Weeble came to Whiskers from a shelter in central New York after a volunteer there reached out online to find an experienced foster home for him. Weeble has cerebellar hypoplasia, which means the part of his brain that controls motor coordination is underdeveloped. He falls down a lot and gets around right now by flopping around or propelling himself into a bunny hop or a run, of sorts. In addition, he has what is know as "funnel chest," or pectus excavatum. The shelter he was at was not equipped to take care of him or keep him until he could grow large enough for the medical procedure needed to fix his chest.
Weeble is a very happy little guy! Nothing stops him from getting around, playing, or having fun. He loves people and cats. Through Whiskers, he saw a veterinarian within three days of his arrival to his foster home. In under a week he saw a veterinary surgeon specialist, who will fix his chest when he is big enough to have anesthesia. His chest is squeezing his lungs into three sections, so without his future medical care, he probably would not be able to grow, or live very long.

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